The Verifier Alliance Launches Unified Database for EVM Smart Contracts’ Source Code

Denver, March 1st, 2024 – The Verifier Alliance, a pioneering ecosystem collective, today announced the launch of its shared database, a significant step towards achieving easy, unified, and open access to the source code of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts. This initiative marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to standardize and simplify the verification process across different EVM chains by providing a publicly accessible database of contracts’ source code.

A Unified Approach to Smart Contract Verification

At the heart of The Verifier Alliance’s mission is the creation of a shared database that houses the source code of verified contracts from various EVM chains. This database is designed to be publicly accessible, ensuring that developers, researchers, and enthusiasts can easily find and utilize the information they need. The database’s introduction is a critical first step for The Verifier Alliance. While the Alliance’s long-term vision includes fostering a more collaborative and knowledge-sharing ecosystem around smart contract verification, the initial focus is on building and populating this comprehensive database.

Open Source and Collaboration at the Core

The Verifier Alliance is committed to pushing for data and smart contract verification tooling to become free and open source. By developing and sharing these tools, the Alliance aims to make developers’ lives easier and promote a culture of transparency and collaboration within the blockchain community.

A Collective Effort

The Alliance’s efforts are supported by a diverse group of data providers and contributors, including Blockscout, Routescan, Sourcify, Tenderly, Beaconchain, Codeslaw, Conduit, Paradigm, Dora and Vyper. These organizations and individuals bring a wealth of expertise and resources to the table, contributing to the development of a more interconnected and transparent blockchain ecosystem. The Verifier Alliance’s work spans various ecosystems, such as Avalanche and Optimism, demonstrating its commitment to broadening the impact and utility of its verification database.

Future Expansion and Collaboration

While The Verifier Alliance is not currently seeking new partners, it remains open to future collaborations that align with its mission. Interested parties are encouraged to stay engaged and consider how they might contribute to the Alliance’s goals in the future. For more information on The Verifier Alliance or to access the verification database, please contact

About The Verifier Alliance

The Verifier Alliance is a collective of blockchain verification providers, contributors, and ecosystems dedicated to enhancing transparency, accessibility, and collaboration in the development of blockchain applications. By providing a unified database of verified EVM smart contracts’ source code, the Alliance aims to support the blockchain developer community and promote secure and innovative use of blockchain technology. For media inquiries, please contact