The main outcome of the Alliance is a shared database of contracts’ source code on different EVM chains from different verification providers. The database is publicly accessible by anyone.

One key aspect of the database is to have a common schema for verified contracts. Check out the schema definition or the interactive schema

Shared knowledge

Current EVM source-code verification ecosystem is dispersed not only in data but also in knowledge. The Alliance is a place for collaboration and documentation of the verification know-how.

This includes publication of verification methods, intricacies of verification in each high-level language, and gathering the discovered edge cases.

Open Source

The Alliance is dedicated to push the data and smart contract verification tooling become free and open source, and develop the tooling to make developers’ lives easier.

Data providers

blockscout_icon Blockscout dora_icon Dora routescan_icon Routescan sourcify_icon Sourcify tenderly_icon Tenderly


beaconcha.in_icon Beaconchain codeslaw_icon Codeslaw conduit_icon Conduit paradigm_icon Paradigm vyper_icon Vyper


avalanche_icon Avalanche optimism_icon Optimism

New partners

If you’re interested in joining the Verifier Alliance, send an email to